Our real shop has floors made of wood from now extinct trees. Its brick walls predate the American Civil War. It smells of incense, and it tastes like the memory of a Christmas morning.

Nothing you see or touch there will be mediated by anything as mundane as an internet service provider.

However, our thrice-named lawyers insist that we need to have a “virtual” shop to preserve our status as federally sanctioned necromancers, so this is here.

If your travel is curtailed by malady, please contact us by post and we would be delighted to work remotely to provide any of our signature bespoke arcana services. Likewise, if you want a t-shirt, or some divination cards, or any of the other products you see here, just click the various buttons and we’ll get them to you.

But, really, come see us in person at 19 West Pike Street in Covington, Kentucky.