Hierophany & Hedge

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November 28 (Sun): Noon until 5 pm

November 29 (Mon): Closed

November 30 (Tues): Closed

December 1 (Wed): Closed

December 2 (Thurs): 6-9PM

December 3 (Fri): 6-9PM 

December 4 (Sat): 4-8PM (New Moon)

December 5 (Sun): Noon until 5PM 

Fine Eldritch Goods & Services

Magical Supplies

We stock everything you’ll need for even the most sophisticated ritual – from bulk supplies of candles, incense, and crystals, to exotic reagents like Pharaonic tomb sand, hermetic devices like eclipse reliquaries, and a wide range of off-the-rack and made-to-measure talismans and wands. Our more rarefied materials are constantly turning over, so check back frequently, and don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t see just the right eye of newt on our shelves.

Bespoke Arcana

Our deluxe line of fully custom magical solutions will satisfy those searching for the ultimate in enchantment performance. We’ll work with you to craft an artifact composed of materials too precious or dangerous for general consumption. From wands shaped of ancient shipwreck hulls to amulets charged with the ashes of Pleistocene leviathans, our Bespoke Arcana will meet and exceed the demands of the most exacting occult consumer. 


We provide complete thaumaturgic and sibylline services for select clients. We can help harden your corporate offices against remote viewing or ensure that your new home isn’t constructed on a geomantic ley line.  We also maintain cordial relations with a bevy of ecclesiastical and secular spirit guides and paranormal investigators, and will provide a referral if we’re unavailable for or unsuited to your case.

Always Buying

If your remote ancestor wiped sweat from the brow of Abraham Lincoln and you’re looking to part with the handkerchief, we’d love to chat. Also, please let us know about any upcoming travels – perhaps you can join our team of contract agents harvesting mistletoe from lost cities and dust from antediluvian caves. Provenance is key, and remember that we’re a magic shop, not an oddities shop. 

Our store is as much museum as it is market. As a consequence, our lives are occasionally interesting. Here is where you can read about our experiences and opinions, and about the histories of the things for which we are custodians. If we can overcome the legal entanglements, this will one day also host an archive of our occasional radio transmissions.

Ours is a retail shop of actual brick and mortar. The virtual realities that we are native to are not electronic. However, for various regulatory purposes, we do maintain a digital storefront. You can visit it here. It is not at all representative of our physical stock, but it is a good place to buy t-shirts.

About Us



Augur trained at the university that inspired Miskatonic and the medical college that employed Burke and Hare; and his two doctorates come from the home of the Voynich Manuscript. He collects relics of things that never were, and his sorcery is powered by contagious nostalgia. His family tree hasn’t been the same since it uprooted and dragged itself out of a dark German wood to serve Frederick William III at Leipzig. 


Coil is an actual movie star, artist, and enchanter. Her sigils circumscribe abyssal creatures of feather and surgical steel, and she has hunted malignant thoughtforms from the sewers of Berlin to the inland colonies of Innsmouth. Her people hail from a mythical Cornish moor famous for a serpent bloodline long at odds with the Windsors.


19 West Pike Street

19 West Pike Street

Covington, Kentucky 41011

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